What is our job? Iran technical and traffic signs (NovinORF)

Production of various types of signs

Designing and Production of signs: Direction signs, Traffic signs, regulatory signs , Decorative boards, Guidance maps and advertising boards

Warning and safety signs

Production of a variety of warning and safety signs such as safety barrels, traffic cones, road blocker and etc.

Training traffic experts

Publishing books and articles along with holding traffic training workshops in the field of quality assurance and implementation of safety and traffic signs

Road surface marking

Linear highways and passages and the implementation of traffic signs with a variety of cold and hot colors by fully automated machines.

Production of various guardrails

Production of safety fences, handrail and guardrails with high flexibility and new designs in accordance with international traffic standards

Design and manufacturing urban furniture

Design and production of BRT stations, light bench, pedestrian bridge and urban elements

NovinORF is the provider of
urban traffic requirements strategic equipment safety and traffic equipment traffic and parking sings
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  • Traffic signs
  • Road surface markings with hot paint
  • Implementation of hot vibration lines
  • Execution of pedestrian crossings
  • Implementation of axial surface markings
  •  using two component paint with advance
  • machinery
  • Direction signs
  • Variable boards and road signs
  • Design of the decorative signs and
  • guidance maps
  • Symbol designing for more clearance
  • Using a special Persian font
  • Design of regulatory signs
  • Bus stations
  • Design and production of BRT stations
  • in Tehran, lines 4,7 and 10
  • Manufacturing pedestrian bridges (Cable
  • bridge, arc bridge and etc.)
  • Design and production of urban elements
  •  Design and production of various light
  • chairs
  • Manufacturing and facilitating Police
  • kiosks

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رایزنی با سه کشور برای انعقاد قراردادهای جدید

مدیر عامل شرکت نوین عرف خبر داد رایزنی با سه کشور برای انعقاد قراردادهای جدید/ تامین و تحویل تابلو به…

  ادامه مطلب

بازدید مدیرعامل شرکت کنترل ترافیک تهران از شرکت نوین عرف شهریار

به گزارش روابط عمومی شرکت نوین عرف ، سید احسان جاهد ضمن تبریک انتصاب سید احمد علوی به عنوان مدیرعامل،…

  ادامه مطلب

بازدید هیئت مدیره از کارخانه شرکت نوین عرف


  ادامه مطلب

Clean, elegant and precise surface

markings make driving comfortable and safe.

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Implementation of a variety of horizontal markings

In addition to the straight line markings, it is possible to execute pictogram images with specific notions such as speed, bike lane, etc.

High persistence

The use of first grade materials in the production of various types of traffic paints is one of the main reasons for the resistance and durability of the implemented markings

Accuracy and immediacy in execution

Clean, accurate and fast implementation of horizontal surface signs in the streets and roads in addition to reducing traffic during the execution, provides comfort for the driver afterwards..


Before you run your traffic projects, you can take advantage of our expert advisory on traffic matters.

Production and sale of various signs and warning and safety devices

The NovinORF’s online store has made it easy to access a variety of general or partial traffic or parking requirements. You need a variety of warning or directions signs to equip your residential and office parking or to secure your project site. The online NovinORF shop makes it easy to find, choose and buy such equipment.

Traffic and regulatory signs
The traffic signs for parking lots are designed for persistence against pollution for a long period of time that is very different from ordinary signs. Be sure to pay attention to these tips when making purchases and orders.

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Main features

Street and Location Name Signs

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  • Resistance against pollution
  • Resistance against sunlight
  • Resistance against humidity and rain
  • Resistance against heat and sudden change in temperature
  • Standard traffic design for better readability
  • Color selection in accordance to traffic standards
  • Using furnace color if needed
  • Using the right dimension for better readability
  • Using rigid and persistence fixture for the board’s stability
  • Using proper reflective for proper reflection in the night

Our services Part of our produced signs

Production of traffic signs

NovinORF is proud to be backed up with the design and the development of standard types of traffic signs in Iran, a trusted company for ordering or consulting in this field..

Location signs

The important service provider of city such as pharmacies, sports facilities, etc. can with the permission of the municipality, register the order for the installation of a special sign pointing in the direction of access to that site.

Parking and floor signs

Direction signs in parking lots and large complexes require a specific standard in terms of conceptual design and persistence which in NovinORF these principles are always implemented and adhered to.

Road surface marking

Execution of white lines on the street or the parking lot separator lines and horizontal signs in parking lots and roads is one of the main capabilities of the service provided by this company.

What are the application of NovinORF products in the city?

Interior guide signs

The construction and installation of direction signs along the street to guide the drivers to the service centers.

Equipment and safety signs

Production and sale of all kinds of road safety accessories such as Road Stud, New Jersey, Stopper, etc.

Urban furniture

Production and installation of all kinds of metal and light benches, bus station and urban elements.

Direction signs

Design, construction and installation of traffic signs, direction signs, and warning signs.

Safety fences for bridges

Manufacturing of protective fences, optical pickets and reflective for bridges.

Road Surface marking and horizontal signs

Paint production, surface marking, and the implementation of all the directive and regulatory horizontal signs in street and parking lots.

Geometric correction

Geometric design and modification of squares and urban roads for traffic enhancement.

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